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  • Catalonia South FSX
    Spain VFR-Mesh Catalonia South for FSX.
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    Spain VFR-Mesh Catalonia North for FSX.
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    Spain VFR-Mesh Madrid Community for FSX
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image Spain VFR-Mesh Catalonia South for FSX.
image Spain VFR-Mesh Catalonia North for FSX.
image Spain VFR-Mesh Madrid Community for FSX

Catalonia South FSX


Spain VFR-Mesh Catalonia South for FSX.



Km2: 12,000



All the scenery are made in a resolution of 1 m/pixel (LOD15)
Airports around the resolution is 0,5 m/pixel (LOD17)
The terrain mesh used is a resolution of LOD13.
Autogen included!
ONLY FOR Flight Simulator X!!!



Catalonia is a Spanish Region measuring 32,114 square kilometers (12,000 sq. miles.) in the Northeast corner of Spain. With over 500 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline, stretching from the French border to the Ebro River Delta, Catalonia boasts an extraordinary variety of landscapes packed into a relatively small area (three quarters the size of Switzerland).

To the north, the jagged peaks and alpine meadows of the Pyrenees offer year-round sport facilities for skiers and hikers alike. From the snow-peaked Pyrenees one descends through lush valleys of pine and fir trees, skirting crystal clear lakes and mountain ranges of unbelievably capricious shapes, such as the extinct volcanic parklands around Olot, and further south, the stone spires of legendary Montserrat - a mountain range so unique it has been declared a conservation area by UNESCO.

The mountains gradually give way to Catalonia's fertile interior, with rolling hillsides of vineyards and wheat fields interrupted by long striations of fossil-encrusted ridges. To the southwest, the land becomes flatter and more arid - the color of the earth changing from hues of burnt umber to ashen gray. Thanks to a hardworking peasantry (and irrigation from the Ebro river) this sun-baked region produces excellent wine, olive oil, and fruit.

The Costa Brava is rightfully famous for its breathtakingly beautiful coastline, where wide beaches of golden sand and crystal clear waters alternate with rocky promentories and little coves backed by sheer cliffs topped with pine and oak forests. The interior of the Costa Brava is every bit as stunning as the coast (and far less affected by tourism), with pristine medieval villages set in lush, typically Mediterranean landscapes. A short drive to the east and you are in the wooded hills of the pre-Pyrenees, with trout-filled streams feeding environmentally protected lakes - like the one in Banyoles - offering a welcome alternative to the coastal beaches.

The road network throughout Catalonia is excellent, and along with the land's topographical diversity, one should keep in mind that cultural traditions, architecture, as well as gastronomy, differ from region to region. In short, it is well worth your while to travel around all of Catalonia.

Spain VFR mesh Catalonia South for FSX