Spain VFR Mesh Galicia for FS2004

Ortophoto-Mesh Galicia

Km2: 29,434

Made in LOD 10 Mesh + 1m/pixel ortophotos original resolution

Galicia is one of Spain’s autonomous regions, which means that it is a territorial entity with political authority to implement its own powers in accordance with the 1981 Autonomy 2 Statute. Its 29,434 Km surface area makes up 5.8% of Spain’s territory. It is situated between parallels 41 and 44 N and meridians 7 and 8 W, in southwest Europe. It is bordered on the south by Portugal, which, along with Spain, makes up the Iberian Peninsula. Its history forms part of the evolution of Western Europe and most of its inhabitants professes the Catholic religion.




Ortophoto-Mesh Galicia

Km2: 29,434

Made in LOD 10 Mesh + 1m/pixel ortophotos original resolution
Includes: La Coruña, Pontevedra, Lugo and Orense

Autogen included!



The territory is marked by important expanses of woodland, which makes up 69% of the surface area. The relief is dominated by gentle landscapes, where mountains and peneplains alternate with depressions and valleys. In general, the mountain ranges are not very high; the maximum heights are attained in the eastern ranges (Os Ancares, O Courel, Manzaneda and Quixa), where the highest peak is located (Pena Trevinca, 2,100 m). The sunken areas include the depressions of Monforte, Sarria and A Limia. This is a region dominated by the sea with a very extensive coastline (1,309 km long); the waters of the Bay of Biscay bathe the north coast and the Atlantic Ocean the western coast. One of the landscape’s most characteristic elements is the “rias”, river valleys flooded by the sea, whose waters contain important fishing resources: the extensive Rías Baixas (Vigo, Pontevedra, Arousa and Muros-Noia) and the smaller, more rounded Rías Altas (Corcubión-Cee, Camariñas, Corme-Laxe, A Coruña, Ares-Betanzos, Ferrol, Ortigueira, O Barqueiro, Viveiro, Foz and Ribadeo).

Galicia has great water potential thanks to its numerous rivers (fast-flowing and short) and springs; the main river is the Miño (350 km long).

Galicia is a sea-facing region, with a 1,309 km coastline. One of the landscape’s most characteristic elements is the "rias", river valleys flooded by the Galicia 2005 sea, whose waters contain important fishing resources. The region’s climate is determined by it location on Europe’s Atlantic coast: a temperate, transitional climate between an oceanic and Mediterranean one. Continental oceanic characteristics are dominant in inland areas, while the climate in the south and southeast is more Mediterranean. Thus, areas of great dryness and strong sunshine coexist with others that have mild temperatures, a small thermal range and abundant rainfall. There are therefore important differences as regards annual thermal range (between 9ºC-15ºC) or precipitation (between 800-2,000 mm).

The Population

Galicia has a population of 2,751,094 inhabitants with an 2 approximate population density of 93 inhabitants per km . The Presentation main demographic features are a low birth rate, high life expectancy and an aging population, which means that Galicia is currently experiencing negative vegetative growth. Another determining factor is the high degree of territorial imbalance, both demographically and economically. For a long time the region’s demographic evolution was marked by emigration, a historical phenomenon of great significance in th the 19 and 20 centuries. Nevertheless, this situation has changed in recent decades and Galicia now receives immigrants (especially from Latin America) as well as emigrants from past times. Galicia has a highly scattered population distribution due to the large number of small population entities (approximately 30,000). The basic settlement unit in the countryside is the village. The next level in community organisation is the parish, which, over and above its religious function, plays an important role in social and economic relations.

System Requirements

Compatible with: Flight Simulator X, FS2004, FS2002


1 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon processor
Windows 98, Me or XP (Home or Professional)
512 Mb RAM
3D Video Card with 256 Mb RAM
CD-ROM drive for installation.(CD version)
About 360Mb HDD space.




3 GHz Pentium, Celeron or Athlon processor or faster
Windows XP (Home or Professional) 1GB RAM
Windows Vista Windows 7 2 GB RAM
3D Video Card with 512 Mb RAM
CD-ROM drive for installation. (CD version)
About 1Gb HDD space.






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